Grand Rounds

Department of Neurology The University of Chicago

Neurology Grand Rounds


Time: 7:30am (unless noted otherwise below)
Location: varies, please see the list below
Recurrence: every Thursday
Supervising Faculty: Raymond Roos MD
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  Grand Rounds







Shasha Wu, MD, PhD

Getting the Most out of Epilepsy Surgery

Location:  A111







Narayanan Kasthuri, MD, PhD

Industrial Brain Mapping

Location: J103

Sep 26

Douglas Goodin, MD

Modeling Genetic Susceptibility to MS

Location:  A111

Oct 3  

Peter Nagele, MD

Crossing Disciplines: Using Anesthetic Drugs to Treat Mental Health Disorders 

Location:  J103

Oct 10  

Ralph Sacco, MD, MS, Professor and Olemberg Chair of Neurology,  University of Miami

Forecasting a Brighter Future for Preventing Stroke and
Cognitive Decline

Location:  A109

Oct 17  

David S Liebeskind, MD, Professor of Neurology, UCLA Department of Neurology

The Role of Collaterals in Determining Fast and Slow Progressors

Location: J103

Oct 24  

Sebastian Urday, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital

Targeting Secondary Brain Injury in Intracerebral Hemorrhage: Peri-Hematomal Edema

Location:  J103

Oct 31  

Joel Voss, PhD, Northwestern Memorial Hospital

Stimulating the hippocampal network to control episodic memory

Location:  J103

Nov 7

Fernando Goldenberg, MD, University of Chicago

Prognosticating outcome in acute severe brain injury: A cautionary tale

Location:  M137

Nov  14

Veronica Ciprianni, MD, University of Chicago

Demyelinating Disease Associated with TNF-α Inhibitors

Location:  M137

December 5

Kourosh Rezania, MD, University of Chicago

Amyloid Neuropathies

Location:  J103

December 12

Charles Abrams, MD, PhD, University of Illinois

Connexins in Myelinating Glia

Location:  J103

January  9

Title:  Why A Neurologist Should Care About a “Boring” Breathing Disorder

Location:  J103

January  16

Chris Goetz, MD, Rush University Medical Center

Title:  Deep phenotyping as a driver for clinical innovation:
Strategies from Charcot to the 21st century

Location:  M137

January  23

Andrew Naidech, Northwestern Medical Center

Title:  Bedside to Date to Bedside - Data-driven discovery for biologically plausible treatments for intracranial hemorrhage

Location:  M137

February  6

Christian Hansel, PhD, University of Chicago

Title:  Study motor problems to understand non-motor cognitive dysfunction The dual role of cerebellar deregulation in autism

Location:  J103

February 13

Sandra Rose, MD, University of Chicago

Title:  Catamenial Epilepsy: Diagnostic Dilemmas and Treatment Options

Location:  J103

February  27

Mostafa El Dafrawy, MD

Title:  TBD

Location:  J103

March  5

Conrad "Chris" Weihl, MD, PhD, Washington University in St. Louis

Title:  Unifying Neurodegeneration and Myodegeneration: The Pathomechanistic Connection of IBM, ALS and FTD

Location:  J103

March  12

Sahar Zafar, MD, Massachusetts General Hospital - CANCELED DUE TO TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS

Title:  TBD

Location:  J103

March 26

Laura Rosen, MD, PhD, Takeda Pharmaceuticals - CANCELED DUE TO TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS

Title:  TBD

Location:  J103

April  2

John Q. Trojanowski, MD, PhD, University of Pennsylvania - CANCELED DUE TO TRAVEL RESTRICTIONS

Title:  Mixed Pathologies in Neurodegenerative Diseases

Location:  J103