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What is a clinical trial?

Clinical trials are structured research studies involving patients and are designed to safely test new drugs, devices, vaccines or ways of using known treatments. Most clinical trials concentrate on a specific disease or patient group; they might explore whether one drug is better than another or analyze data from a medical device used in treatment. The department of Neurology has a number of ongoing clinical trials that invite participants. 

Who can participate? 

People of all ages, genders, races and ethnic groups can participate in clinical trials. This includes healthy volunteers and patients with specific diagnoses. As a potential clinical trial subject, you may be asked if you're willing to participate in a clinical trial that is specific to your health needs or diagnosis. You may also be asked to participate in research that is not necessarily a clinical trial, such as donating blood or tissue for a genetic study.

Office of Clinical Research

Driven by excellence, the University of Chicago Medicine is recognized for clinical research that has transformed the practice of medicine. We strive to translate fundamental scientific discoveries into better care for our patients.

The Office of Clinical Research supports the execution and management of clinical research, including clinical trials, at UChicago Medicine. By making it our goal to improve consistency, communication and collaboration among researchers, patients and industry, we’re harnessing the power of many into securing the next generation of medical breakthroughs. 

Contacts for Clinical Trials Information

UChicago Medicine conducts hundreds of clinical trials every year. If you’re unable to find a clinical trial for your particular disease or condition, please call us. You may also search national databases on clinical trials being conducted here and across the country under more information.

Office of Clinical Research: 773-834-1238

Cancer Clinical Trials: 855-702-8222

By participating in a clinical trial, you help make a difference in the lives of all patients. 

Find a Clinical Trial

For more information on participating in clinical trials visit: UChicago Medicine Clinical Trials or contact the Office of Clinical Research at 866-670-6277.