Volunteer Opportunities

Donate Your Time

At the University of Chicago Medicine, our volunteers are true stars -- exceptional individuals who take the extra steps that make a difference in another person's life. They help in countless ways by making a child giggle or an older person smile. They comfort families who are worried about loved ones. Through deeds large and small, volunteers help patients and their families feel better during difficult times.

How To Join Our Volunteer Team

Consider becoming a volunteer at the University of Chicago Medicine. To become a volunteer, your first step is to submit an application. We will contact you within 7-10 business days of receiving your application to set up an interview if a volunteer opportunity is available.

Complete a volunteer application and begin your path to volunteering

You must be in good health, willing to complete and receive an annual tuberculosis (TB) test and influenza vaccination on annual basis, willing to commit to four hours of service per week, and at least 16 years old. Volunteer candidates must complete an application and interview, and must pass health-screening tests for tuberculosis, measles, German measles, chickenpox, and illegal drugs.

Why Volunteer?

Most volunteers say that the personal fulfillment that comes from helping another person is their greatest reward. Other volunteers look forward to the new friendships and camaraderie they share with fellow volunteers. Still others enjoy learning new skills.

In appreciation of the work and time our volunteers contribute, the University of Chicago Medicine offers benefits to volunteers, including:

• Free parking in the visitors' garage
• Annual Volunteers Recognition Banquet
• Free health screenings
• Free skills training in volunteer work area

Note: Volunteers do not take the place of salaried staff at the University of Chicago Medicine. Volunteer service is not intended in any way to lead to paid employment.

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