Neurology Grand Rounds

Time: 4:00pm
Location: L168
Recurrence: every Thursday
Supervising Faculty: Raymond Roos MD
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Grand Rounds (2016-2017)

4-May-17 Teepu Siddique MD
Genetic Pleomorphism in ALS; The Expanding Phenotype
11-May-17 Agnieszka Ardelt MD PhD
Alteration of Injury Evolution in Rodent Experimental Stroke by Perturbation of RNA Stability
18-May-17 Tania Rebeiz MD
Subarachnoid Hemorrhage: Riding Through the Storm
25-May-17 Adil Javed MD PhD
Mechanisms of Brain Atrophy and Progression in MS
1-Jun-17 Peter Warnke MD
A Neurologist’s Paradise - A Tale From a Distant Land
8-Jun-17 Christopher Kramer MD
15-Jun-17 Jisoon Kim MD
22-Jun-17 Gregory W. Albers MD
Innovations in Acute Stroke Imaging
29-Jun-17 Ahmad Daif MD
Previous Grand Rounds
1-Sep-16 Kourosh Rezania MD
Unusual Manifestations of a Common Disease
29-Sep-16 EPIC/Resolute TRAINING
6-Oct-16 Raymond Roos MD
What is New and Very Exciting in Motor Neuron Disease
20-Oct-16 Athir Morad MD
Balancing Efficacy with Patient Safety...The Impact of Opioids on Pain and Breathing in Neurocritical Care
27-Oct-16 Raisa Martinez MD
What's shaking in the Neuro-ICU?
3-Nov-16 Javad Hekmat-Panah MD
Pathophysiological Alterations of the Brain in Cerebral Arterial Air Embolism and the Resulting Stroke
10-Nov-16 Tetsuo Ashizawa MD
Complex Repeat Expansions in Spinocerebellar Ataxia Type 10 (SCA10)
17-Nov-16 Veronica Penyak MD
Serum Antinuclear Antibody Levels Predict Response to Interferon-Beta Therapy
24-Nov-16 **Thanksgiving Holiday**
1-Dec-16 Igor Koralnik MD
Novel Diseases of the Brain Caused by Polyomavirus JC: Universal Lessons from an Accidental Pathogen
8-Dec-16 Betty Soliven MD
Making Sense of Chronic Autoimmune Neuropathies: From Humans to Mice
15-Dec-16 Naoum Issa MD PhD
Neuromodulation and Plasticity in the Treatment of Epilepsy
5-Jan-17 Deb Mojumder MD
Insights on Neurological Pathology and Pharmacology from in vivo Assessment of Retinal Signal Processing: Focus on Sodium Channels
12-Jan-17 Sue Rubin MD
Addressing Women’s Issues in Multiple Sclerosis
19-Jan-17 Mohammed Alkhalifah MD
Time is Brain: ‘The Chain of Care’
26-Jan-17 Sandra Rose MD
Psychiatric Disorders After Seizure Control: What we do and Don’t Know About Forced Normalization
2-Feb-17 James Brorson MD
Unruptured Intracranial Aneurysms
9-Feb-17 V. Leo Towle PhD
The Path to the 1st Clinical Trial of an Intracortical Visual Prosthesis
16-Feb-17 Shasha Wu MD PhD
Antibody-Mediated Epilepsies
23-Feb-17 Mahesh Padmanaban MD
A Patient with a Progressive Neurological Syndrome and Acute Exacerbations with Febrile Illnesses
2-Mar-17 Shyam Prabhakaran MD
Optimizing Acute Stroke Care in Chicago
9-Mar-17 Cynthia Comella MD
Dystonia: New Horizons in Therapeutics
16-Mar-17 Maria Bruzzone MD
Non Convulsive Status Epilepticus(NCSE)
23-Mar-17 Stanley Fahn MD
The Revolutionary RX for PD That Almost Got Away: The Levodopa Story
30-Mar-17 Dane Chetkovich MD PhD
HCN Channels in Epilepsy and  Depression
6-Apr-17 Carolyn Bevan MD
B Cell Therapies and the Future of MS
13-Apr-17 Manisha Kak MD
Autoimmune Autonomic Ganglionopathy
20-Apr-17 Samden Lhatoo MD
Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy - Where Are We Now?
27-Apr-17 **AAN Meeting**