How to Apply

Students or Post-docs interested in entering the Pathobiology and Translational neuroscience track can petition through the common Neuroscience cluster program coordinator to the PTN Steering Committee immediately, although those in the second year, who have completed laboratory rotations are likely to have an added advantage. Trainees should petition to the Steering Committee by identifying a proposed thesis advisor (lab mentor) from among the Training faculty, submitting a description of research interests and with academic credentials and prior research and publications. The applicant will provide a written explanation how the PTN program will aid in career objectives, which he/she will discuss further if interviewed. Students will also be asked for letters of support from the proposed lab mentor and a clinical co-mentor. If petitioning in the first year students, can make selection of the lab mentor from among the PTN program trainers in a subsequent process. Candidates will be reviewed, interviewed and, ranked by the Steering Committee. Selections of trainees will be by majority vote and will be based on matching applicant’s interest with mentor’s, productivity and funding status of mentor, transcripts, performance in lab rotations, and willingness of identified mentor to accept the applicant. To minimize the risk of bias in the selection process a wide ranging the membership has been chosen for the Steering Committee and two members of Steering Committee will be rotated on alternate years. The Steering Committee will also review the choice of proposed thesis advisor to estimate certainty of continued funding, and of clinical co-trainers to determine their comprehension of an individualized translational training mission. Strongest consideration will be given to those candidates who have selected training teams with a history of prior research collaboration.