NeuroCritical Care Research

The primary thrust of the neurocritical care program is clinical and educational. However, we are seriously committed to provocative scholarly projects dedicated to advancing our field. While our portfolio of projects is highly dynamic, our primary areas of present activity are listed in the following sections. Since the neurocritical care program is organizationally linked to the vascular neurology program, reference is made to the research delineated in the cerebrovascular section for further information about additional  research on ischemic stroke (laboratory and clinical).For prospective trainees, there are two additional points to emphasize. We embrace working with medical students and residents, and many of the projects below have included trainees both in project design, formal presentation at national/international conferences, and manuscript preparation. In addition, these projects are derived from the present faculty in our section, and we are presently recruiting a third faculty who will bring additional areas of interest to our research endeavors, particularly in the laboratory.