Vascular Neurology Fellowship Program

The University of Chicago Comprehensive Stroke Center provides an ideal setting for clinical training. With over 600 stroke patient admissions per year, and over 70 patients annually treated with thrombolytic and endovascular acute stroke therapy, the stroke center affords the trainees with opportunities for intensive hands-on clinical experience.

As a top-rated medical school with a thriving Neurology Residency program, the University of Chicago also provides an environment that encourages and fosters growth of trainees as clinical teachers. The Vascular Neurology fellows will enjoy a rich didactic experience and also will participate in leading clinical conferences and journal clubs on vascular neurology, teaching medical students and residents.

Stroke center clinicians participate in research in stroke that spans from basic laboratory studies through clinical trials to analysis of stroke systems of care. Numerous abstracts and publication have included participation and authorship from clinical trainees. Fellows are encouraged to participate in research projects of interest to them during their training period.

Vascular Neurology Fellows have opportunities including:

  • Participating and leading the inpatient Acute Stroke Service
  • Participation in weekly stroke management conferences
  • Leading a once monthly Vascular Neurology/Neurointensive care journal club
  • Leading teaching sessions with University of Chicago medical students
  • Elective time in the highly –rated University of Chicago Neurointensive care program
  • Participation in unique programs such as the HHT Center of Excellence, the Cerebral Cavernous Malformation Center of Excellence,
  • Participation in Stroke Center academic quality Improvement projects