Neurology appoints a new Ambulatory Medical Director

July, 2012

The Department of Neurology is delighted to announce the appointment of Thomas Kelly MD, as the Ambulatory Medical Director for the DCAM outpatient portion of the UCM Clinical Neurosciences Center.  In this role Dr. Kelly will oversee many operational issues in the DCAM 4D area, including the Neurosurgery clinics. Dr. Kelly, who will be the representative of ambulatory Clinical Neurosciences to the Practice Plan, will be assisted in this work by Peter Warnke MD, from the Neurosurgery Section; together they will work to improve the efficiency and productivity of our outpatient clinical activities.

In addition, the Department would like to congratulate Diane Suarez, who has been appointed Practice Administrator for the DCAM ambulatory portion of the UCM Clinical Neurosciences Center. In this role, Ms. Suarez will oversee the administration of DCAM 4D activities as the department prepares to expand and enhance clinical practices and physical space.