About The Department of Neurology

Welcome to Neurology at The University of Chicago Medical Center! The Department of Neurology at The University of Chicago Medical Center has a great history and tradition, having made significant contributions to neurological training, clinical care, and the basic understanding of neurological disease. In the past 10 years there have been tremendous changes in the fields of neurology, neuroscience, and genetics. These changes include vast technological advances in treatment and insights into molecular and cellular pathogenesis of neurological disease. At The University of Chicago Medical Center we are now well positioned to apply this knowledge to make important advances in translational neuroscience research. With the right choices, we will be able to lead the way in this era of evolving therapeutic strategies, and train the next generation of academic neurologists to provide these treatments.

As a patient or referring physician you will be pleased to meet the finest combination of well-informed, compassionate physicians eager to provide care and answer questions about the latest advances we and others are making in neurology research. As a trainee you will be inspired by the tremendous concern we place on educating the future neurologists and translational neuroscientists of the world. Our faculty and staff are excited to be in this position of responsibility in this particularly exciting moment in medical history. In these times more than ever we find ourselves able to both participate in making the latest breakthroughs in biomedical research and translating these breakthroughs into improvements in clinical care.

Recognized as one of the top neurology programs in the United States (#14 nationwide)*, neurology services at The University of Chicago Medical Center combine clinical expertise with state-of-the-art therapies and groundbreaking research. Here, experts in all facets of neurology provide compassionate care to patients and families, using the most advanced and promising approaches to manage diseases of the nervous system. Behind the scenes, physicians and basic scientists delve into the causes and workings of specific neurologic disorders as they aim to find more effective treatments for these chronic conditions. Medical science is truly interwoven with patient care, as physicians here are able to bring new understanding of the disease processes and the very newest therapies to the treatment of these challenging diseases. Patients take comfort knowing that they have access to the newest, most promising solutions for complex neurological disorders.

U.S. News World Report - Best Hospitals*

Many patients turn to The University of Chicago Medical Center for solutions, after seeking help elsewhere. Others come to us because of puzzling symptoms or for a second diagnostic opinion. Our advanced neurophysiology lab and other sophisticated diagnostic resources — coupled with physicians' experience and expertise — refines the diagnosis of neurological disorders.